Are my daughters related to each other?

Sure, they have the same parents, but they are so different from each other I begin to doubt the whole genetic thing.

I thought that one of the benefits of having two children—especially when they are of the same gender—is the cost savings. You've already got clothes, toys, furniture and all kinds of developmental items (which you found out were completely worthless but at least you wouldn't be compelled to buy them again!).

So when I found out that we were having another girl, the budget maven within was very excited. Until I discovered exactly how much variety is in two people's DNA.

Sierra, our oldest, loves jumping and running, hates wearing dresses and is big on music—the louder, the better. She's happiest in Capri pants and t-shirts, the less fuss the better. I can't keep her shoes on; they are like reading glasses at a high school reunion—off at the door. She's totally horse crazy.

Mireya, our youngest, was born as a princess without a country. She loves all things pink, frilly and sweet. Her shoes must be fancy and shiny and accompanied by "stockings." Lace is good, as are crowns, heels and taffeta. She doesn't care for music, unless it's classical and involves dancing like a ballerina. For which she has the appropriate outfit.

On a recent trip to a National Park I was concerned that Sierra was getting to be a Junior Ranger and Mireya, being too young, was being left out. As we were walking in I turned to Mireya, figuring I should prepare her. "You know Sierra's going to be a Junior Ranger?"

"Yes," she said in her pink long dress, the taffeta barely concealing her white paten leather shoes. This was in the Rockies, no less. "She's a ranger and I'm a princess."

No question who she thought had the better deal going.

So it has been completely worthless, from a budgetary standpoint, to have two girls. Not only are all the toys completely different for a bouncing, athletic girl and a ballerina princess, but now I have no hand-me downs. Zero. Once she got to the age of expressing her opinions, I couldn't get Sierra into a dress with a crow bar. So I stopped buying them, opting for pants, shorts and t-shirts. Mireya, on the other hand, hasn't worn anything other than a dress for over a year.

I've tried to find comfort in the fact that they wouldn't be fighting over any toys. Then they came out with the princess editions of My Little Pony. Those toy companies have it in for us, don't they?

Still, with the exception of plastic horses, I've got two very different divas on my hands—a rock star and prima ballerina – similar, but with vastly different wardrobes and set design.
So I wonder—were they switched at the hospital? Does someone out there have the other tomboy or princess?

More importantly, do they have any hand-me downs?