Sisters are forever.
Sisters, I tell my daughters, are forever. I imagine that Moms with boys say brothers are forever, too.

It’s part reminder, part plea for peace, especially when they seem willing to shove each other off the nearest cliff, or into a bucket of purple paint.

Be nice to each other, I tell them, you’re stuck with each other. This can be a bad thing, but it is mostly a very, very good thing. When friends fade, when people move, when things you think are solid suddenly give way, you’ll have your sister, hopefully.

Your sister is the one you’ll turn to when you need to talk about how crazy your Mom is and she’ll be the only one who really gets it.

Your sister is the one who you’ll call in the middle of the night when you would worry about waking anybody else.

Your sister is the one person who won’t forget that time you had a cow in the grocery store and we all had to leave the cart in the check out lane. But it doesn’t matter, because you’ll remember when she freaked out over that alien in the movie that everyone said was a good kids movie and wouldn’t sleep with the lights out for four years.

Your sister is the one person who knows when you’re really hurt and when you’re just playing for some extra TV time.

Your sister is the only person who gets all your jokes, or at least laughs at them even when they’re really lame.

Your sister is the one you’ll turn to when you realize that the ground under your feet has turned to quick sand and you can’t remember if you are supposed to do the breaststroke or the freestyle to get out of it. She might not remember either, but she’ll probably have a rope to throw.

Most of all, after you finish arguing over all the silly things of childhood like who gets the most attention, who is too bossy, or who your parents like the best, after your spirit and limbs grow past the time where you fight with your family and into a time where you fight for it, everything will change.

You’ll realize this is your relationship; it belongs only to the two of you. And it’s forever.