The Blessings of Moms.

Every Thanksgiving there is a blessing that stands head and shoulders above the others.
One year it was the blessing of doctors for my eldest daughter.

Another year it was family members who found a way to bury the hatchet and get together for the holidays.

Another year it was my daughter’s miraculous return home when she turned four. She managed to come back home after an entire year during which she had been replaced with a screaming three-year-old banshee with curly hair .

That was a particularly big blessing.

So when I sat down to think of my biggest blessing this year, I realized that it was really big. This year it’s all the other moms.

We’ve had a particularly crazy year and I haven’t been able to keep up with the flurry of activity. Frankly, I wouldn’t have made it without all the other moms.

There’s the mom who calls and emails me to remind me to get in another CD for my daughter’s entry in the PTA contest because the one we sent wasn’t working.

Then there’s the mom who emails me a schedule so I don’t forget my daughter’s events because so often my daughter forgets to tell me she even has an event and her carefully typed notices crawl under her bed unnoticed until spring cleaning.

There are the moms who volunteer at the school and maintain peace in the playground where tribal warfare breaks out regularly.

There are the moms I don’t see, helping out in classrooms, in the library and all over the school, making up for what tight school budgets can’t support.

There’s the mom who accepts my frantic call as I’m trapped in two hours of traffic. She’s the mom who picks up my daughters when my carefully choreographed backup transportation arrangements fall apart like first grade macaroni art.

There’s the mom who watches my girls so I can grab 20 minutes of sanity.

There are the moms who run our girl scout troops who are more active than most Fortune 500 companies and the team moms who coordinate everything from snacks to photos.

These are the moms who put our children in our community ahead of everything else in their lives for hours, days, weeks, months.

From one mom trying to juggle it all (and in the process dropping a good bit of it) I just want you to know – you are our blessing.