Doable Resolutions

Generally I don't make resolutions.

Well, I should amend that. I don't generally KEEP resolutions. But in the last few years I've made plenty of changes in my life including turning into SUPER MOM.
Now if I can just quit tripping over the cape…

Most of the resolutions I'd like to take on are impossible to achieve. For example I'd really like to do a better job with the domestic things around here. It would be so novel to have clean clothes in actual drawers instead of baskets, for example.

I'm fairly certain I've ended up washing clean clothes because I assumed they were dirty since they were in baskets.

Or perhaps I could have a completely clear kitchen counter without "the pile." "The pile" always starts out small, a staging area for calls that need to be made, papers that need to be filed, items that need to be reviewed. Then, like a huge black hole, it sucks in all matter of debris.

I don't even know what's in "the pile" anymore. I'm afraid to look.
So I thought I'd try for a few doable resolutions for 2009.

I want to not take parenting so seriously in 2009. I'd like to laugh a bit when my little ones act as if helping with the dishes is akin to water boarding.

I want to take parenting more seriously in 2009. Do more reading and talking to other parents so I can figure out how to survive it.

I want to take my children more places in 2009. We should hit a few more museums and events with food on sticks.

I want to stay home with my children more in 2009. Spend time in our yard, wrestle with the dogs and use finger paints to turn our arms interesting shades of blue.

I want to cook more unusual foods in 2009. I want to expose my children to a few more exotic dishes so they can expand their culinary horizons.

I want to spend less time in the kitchen in 2009. I want to find things we can more easily toss into a backpack as we head out for an adventure.

I want to wake up early in 2009. I want to have the lunches packed and the clothes set out so we can leave the house calmly every day.

I want to sleep in with my children in 2009. I want to cuddle up with them until the sun rays poke at our eyelids, then run around in a mad race against time, laughing as we spill into the car, hoping everyone has shoes on.

Now these are resolutions I think I can keep.