I fixed my @#$# titles!

At last! Now there will be titles to my posts! WEEEEE.

I've also set up an old computer for my use when the kids are surfing faster sites. Because blogging is so old school and low band width, that I can do it from a Commodore.

Ah. It's a good day.

PLUS I found out the kids don't have MLK day off, and while I wish they were a bit more enlightened about holidays at CISD, this means I have my OWN day off!

My own day off!


I've already got enough plans to put a White House Chief of Staff to shame.

I wonder, could complete an entire novel in a day to myself?

Could I paint the bedroom some sassy color that will haunt my nightmares for years to come?

Is it possible to put 83,467 photos in albums in one day?

Stay tuned.