Welcome to Kid Town

The kids had a blast during the last gasp of Christmas break creating Kid Town.

Here's my tour guide. It's a pretty big town and you really shouldn't go without a guide.

First you have to come in to the town. There's the sign that tell you that you've arrived.

Here's the mayor in her office. That's the town dog she adopted but graciously shares with the residents.

There's a fitness center. Those... things that look like wood sticks are weights (spelled whates in Kid Town)

There's a supply store...

And a post office... It was closed when I got there. Isn't that always the way?

Here's a photo I got of one of the museum's exhibits. "Old Pail" I believe...

I liked it so much after my tour, was hooked up with a real estate agent who sold me this nice little spot to call my own...

More pictures tomorrow. I'm also proud to say Kid Town has a credit union. That's my girls.

Tell you what, I'll take a sharpie, pieces of wood and a pile of rocks over a Wii any day.

And fortunately, so will the kids.