Near death for TF

The Tooth Fairy Lives - Barely

(Photo: The tooth fairy gets tough)

Mireya lost her first tooth and has been pretty skeptical about this whole Tooth Fairy thing. I blame the Splinter Fairy.

The Splinter Fairy is the fairy who, when small children get splinters, comes in the middle of the night while they are sound asleep and pulls out splinters, thus avoiding all the drama of a daytime extraction.

The Splinter Fairy was born when Mireya was practically hysterical about how her splinter would be removed since she was unwilling to have anyone look at it let alone remove it.

After a few nighttime Splinter Fairy extractions she asked the question I was dreading:

“Mommy, are YOU the Splinter Fairy?”

“Well, er, I… I give her a hand when she needs it.”

That’s vague, right? Within the bounds, surely. Well, that was the confession that began undermining everything. Even Santa has been called into question, for goodness sake. As a result I’ve been a bit nervous about the fate of the weakest mythical beings in the chain - the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

Then, disaster struck. After loosing her tooth, Mireya decided to save it for a few days.

Memo to self: Never let them save their tooth, because they will place it under their pillow without informing you despite explicit instructions that you MUST BE INFORMED IMMEDIATELY.

It was 6 am and we were still sound asleep, dreaming of the day our kids would sleep late. The dream was split open by a shout.

“The Tooth Fairy didn’t come!” she sobbed from downstairs.

I’d tell you what my husband said at that moment, but this is a family blog.

Disappointment moved to anger as she stomped upstairs and confronted me with her tooth in hand.

“YOU’RE the Tooth Fairy!”

I really thought we’d be into molars before this came up. I mean come on, this is her FIRST BABY TOOTH. But I wasn’t giving up the Tooth Fairy without a fight.

“Mireya, you have to tell me when you put your tooth under your pillow.”

“Because YOU’RE the Tooth Fairy!”

“Honey, it’s for the Tooth Fairy’s protection. She’s afraid of dogs and won’t come over unless I tell the dogs to behave.”

(Photo: the scary dogs that would otherwise eat the tooth fairy, were they not prepared in advance)

Forgive me, Lord.

Thankfully this seemed reasonable to Mireya.

Together we spoke with the dogs about the Tooth Fairy, agreed to try again. Tooth Fairy arrived in full glory, bestowing bucks and a “Nice Tooth!” note.

Who knows how I’m going to rescue the Easter Bunny…