Princess and the Wild, Wild West

I'm in the process of cleaning out the attic and I found this. Something bought for Sierra, originally.

Mireya was on the computer, but I set this out in case she might find it interesting. Then I went back in the attic for further rummaging.

When I came out I found this:

And let's not forget the sharpshooters on the ridge...

And the fight over in the ravine...

Given our heritage, I'm glad it's not clear who is the good guys and who is the bad guys. Cuz we're a mixed bag over here.

You know, I don't think Disney has a wild west princess. Well, there's Pocahontas, but when you read the history and realize she was 13 and her name means "spoiled child" and she was held captive by the boys in Jamestown, it gets a little pedophilia.

So we'll have to start with Annie Oakley. I wonder if she wore pink...