We don't get too into the 4th of July...

We believe there's no such thing as getting TOO much into the 4th.

Here's small town Texas on the 4th.

Course, the dog has to get dressed up.

Love this bus!

Well, you know Mireya always dresses for the occasion.

Party barge in action.

The fly over by the vintage planes...

Okay, the other dog got a bandana too.

And big sister Sierra wanted a matching dress and Roxie
broke out the stars outfit. And Daddy is not one to be left out either

I just noticed someone is riding in the bucket of the bucket truck. LOL

These racing kids probably give their mother a heart attack with their antics.
They were doing 360s and peeling out all over the place.

Okay, maybe we do get into the 4th a little.

Hope yours was happy!