Ready, Aim, SCHOOL!

School starts next week and we’re ready.

Well, no, we’re not, but it feels nice to pretend that we are.

We do have all our school supplies. Everyone has clothes that fit them THIS week. We even have shoes.

There’s a set of lunch boxes, backpacks, and pencil cases packed and ready for action.

We had the last party of the year, complete with sleepover (at which there was very little sleep).

We are even on tap to get the final hair cut out of the way next week.

It’s almost like I’m getting the hang of things after 11 years. What’s next – matching socks?

Whoa. Let’s not get crazy.

Still, I’m not ready.

I’m not ready to wake everyone up early. Or get them to bed early.

I’m not ready to give up all my summer lines like “let’s grab a movie” or “why is the dog blue?” or “did someone spill soda? Again?” or “where are all the towels?”

I’m not ready to serve breakfast before 10 am and dinner before 9 pm.

I’m not ready for the paperwork, homework, and calendar work of the school year.

Even though it’s been a brutal summer, and there’s not a single blade of grass that has survived in our yard, and the smell of sunscreen in completely and utterly embedded in the furniture, I still want summer to linger. The fact is that everyone in the house is ready for school to start, everyone but me.

I want two more weeks of late night movies on a Tuesday and running around in Pjs all day for fun. More painting the dogs unnatural colors. More wet cats. More…summer.

But school waits for no mom. Open house is tomorrow, Friday we’ll think of five things we still need to do, Saturday we’ll get at least three of those done and Sunday the kids will be so excited that it’ll be a wonder that anyone gets to sleep on time.

Monday morning we’ll be lined up, rushing out of the house to get there on time, the smell of sharpened pencils, shampoo, and grilled cheese in the air.

And finally, at home, there will be towels.