When hammers fly

This is from 2 years ago when our school just barely opened on time... (picture is not from our school, but it felt like that at the time...)

School Opens, Thank Goodness

At last week’s open house I saw one look on almost every parent’s face. A look I recognized because I’d seen it in my own face that morning.


Since our school had been under construction, construction that had been delayed by the wettest summer in recent memory, suddenly it seemed possible that there would be no school for our children.

I’m sure the district had some sort of plan, that they would have figured out something. But for a time there we all had the same thought running through our heads.

What if there is no school?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my rookie years of parenting it’s the thrill of that first week in school. The quiet house. The hours upon hours of time suddenly regained. The sense that indeed you had another name other than Mommy and most of the world did not need you for your ability to managing all issues around bodily functions.

So it was with a sense of true horror that I considered the possibility that our school might not be ready. Like a sprinter who is suddenly thrown into a one mile race you begin feel cramps of panic before you even get called to the line.

Could we survive another week of Summer vacation?

Every year at our house the end of Summer vacation culminates in a huge collection of birthday parties since everyone has one but me in the weeks leading up to the start of school. So it’s quite a send off. Huge waterslides. Birthday cakes with cookies on top. Enough presents to last us through three Christmases. Food, drink and merriment that comes not once, not twice but for three weekends running.

Let me tell you, I sure as heck didn’t have an encore.

So, on Thursday last week, as I walked out of the open house with enough paperwork to impress even the IRS, I shared my excitement with one of the teachers.

“Boy am I glad they made it and the schools going to open.”

She smiled at me and said, “You know, everybody’s been saying that.”

I bet.