From Thongs to Peace Pipes

A very odd thing has happened in Austin. In the past few years the infamous Leslie has moved out of his usual place at 6th and Austin.

For those of you who have not been in Austin and ... met Leslie, he (yes, he) is a cross dressing semi-homeless man who often could be found most days wearing a thong.

Yes. Leave nothing to your imagination.

He had a uber shopping cart with signs protesting the general state of things.

Then he was in an ad campaign. The man has his own wikipedia page (proving once again that wikipedia is way better than your dad's old encyclopedia). And a my space page too (the picture is from there - warning - the one I've posted is by FAR the cleanest one. You have been warned).

Hey, it's Austin.

Anyway, I was driving down Congress and there, at the corner of 6th and Congress was a new guy. Dressed like a native american and holding a carved pipe with feathers over his head, he seemed poised to say something.

Then my light turned green.

Hope he sticks around. Downtown is getting way too normal for me. But I hope he doesn't opt for a thong. Not a whole lot of people can carry that off, you know?