I swear it should be right... HERE!

Seek and ye shall find.

We spent the first day of 2009 doing something completely new. Something that tied into my sorta resolution - do more outside.

We found a letterbox.

Now we did try geocaching and frankly, we suck at it. I mean we were trying to find the ones rated for village idiots and couldn't find them. And these were in our neighborhood. And we were using my mom's GPS which kept saying "Hello. You're here already. STOP ASKING FOR DIRECTIONS."

But letterboxing has gone marketedly better. No GPS, just old fashion directions. The "walk to the sign" kind of directions.

Weird, right? Apparently if you involve a satellite, I have no clue. But give me paces and my inner pirate kicks into overdrive.

Here's the site we used to find our first Letter box.

And here's where we went.

Sierra was resistant to having a purpose for running around, but Adam and I thrive on goal oriented activities. We've never been good hikers. We like to get to the place we can rock climb, but hiking is just another word for schlepping.

Ironically, I schlepped most of my childhood since my dad loved to... schlep.

Mireya is good with the goal thing too, as long as it's not too far and if she can engage in a leaf fight somewhere along the way.

I plan on trying to have a full fledged Letter box outing once a month. After which we'll watch Sierra run all over - which is what she wants to do. Then everybody's happy.

Which is, of course, the goal.