Curls in motion

It's insanely windy, so I had a chance to make a movie of Mireya's first hair cut. I mean I could have done laundry, or cleaned out my closet.

But I'm way too accomplished a procrastinator.

As you know if you've spent any time here in crib note land, Mireya has crazy curly hair.

No, seriously. Like INSANELY curly.

So I was nervous to get her hair cut, because everyone with curly hair says it's impossible to cut. As a result she had these long bits, short bits, and wild bits everywhere.

It was time.

It was past time, actually. Probably by 3 years.

Did I mention I am an accomplished procrastinator? I mean, I've got my black belt in delay tactics. Well, actually it's in the laundry.

Anywho, here's the video.