Last of the bats

Well, here are the final photos of Hallow in Washington, and on the way home.
We stopped by to pay our respects to the newest occupants of the white house.

Hallow flew in for a closer look, but was spooked by the secret service.

We stopped at the natural history museum on our way to see art.
Big elephant!

Quick dive into the flowers in the art museum's foyer.
Here's where I saw a really weird painting and
other incredibly beautiful ones.
I love the national gallery.

But we were headed to the pompei exhibit. So we walked and walked.
But it ended up like a tour through liberace's living room.

So we left.

Off for my favorite monument.


There we were tempted.

Failed to resist temptation.

Flew out of town just in time.

Bats will eat fries at the airport.

Ah, one last shot - memories of cab rides in washington. It sure is nice to be home.