The Easter Dress Search

Mireya is great fun to shop with. Sierra would rather chew through a bear trap than try on clothes, but her sister loves nothing better than trying on dozens of clothes. Say dressing room and you've got a friend for life.

Once in the store, it's all I can do to keep her away from sequins and polyester. I'm thinking she's a reincarnation of some broadway diva. Maybe a distant relative of Liberace.

Fortunately she has a thing for tradition too, and here were the finalists in the Easter dress selection.

#1 Judges' Comments: Mommy, I like this one because it spins out really cool.

#2 Judges' Comments: It has sparklies.

#3 Judges' Comments: Nice sweater.

#4 Judges' Comments: I like the slip and the see through. And the pink flowers.

#5 Judges' Comments: It's a little puffy.

After several agonizing minutes we ended up with two (and both were worn for Easter). After all, a girl has to change after church.

The shoes were killer, though.

There's simple nothing better than little girls in Easter dresses.

Here's big sister too...

Now that process was a complete disaster. First of all, she didn't come along to buy her dress, which, given how much she HATES shopping, I thought was a blessing. Not so much. She apparently grew a size since our last shopping outing and so I actually bought a dress one size too small. Ditto with the shoes.

Luckily with a little creative engineering, the whole thing hung together long enough for church, pictures, one Easter egg hunt and dinner. Never to be worn again. Anyone need a size 10 Easter dress with matching 8 mules?

(They are with Roxi, the newest addition to our household, which is a whole other blogpost.)