Rocking with the Bunny

Easter is one of those holidays that takes me by surprise every year. Maybe it’s because it hops around the calendar, maybe it’s the unpredictability of the spring weather. But this year I’m really not ready.

Here’s the problem.

Usually by now we’ve saved up cartons of empty eggs so we can make cascarones. We have zero eggs as of today. Zippo. Nada. See, someone was starting to have … umm…. let’s just say negative bodily reaction to eggs (who knew you could clear a room with sunny side up eggs?!), so we stopped eating them out of self preservation.

This is an Easter disaster. Where will we be without cascarones? They are easily my favorite part of Easter, right up there with chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies. Sure, you can get cascarones by the dozens in the grocery stores these days. They’re like mini Easter ammo, already painted and loaded.

But I’m a traditionalist. We MUST get in our “painting with vinegar and little dissolving pills” fix. There’s the search for suitable dipping bowls. The dropping of the pill dye into the white vinegar with a fizz of colored bubbles. Yes, nothing says Easter like kids scrunching up their nose saying “Yuck” as they hover over the dissolving pills of egg dye.

We’ve absolutely got to bend the little coppery hook to take the eggs out of the dye, and, since the hook is basically useless, dump half of the dye all over the place. What kind of Easter would it be if little fingers and parts of the table aren’t dyed robin’s egg blue and bunny ear pink?

Then there’s the challenge of decorating the fragile eggs with tiny little stickers, laboring over the wax crayon and combining colors until you end up with a perfectly un-Eastery shade of cammo.

We could just hard boil a few eggs for a egg salad (none for me, thanks) but then you realize that the dye leaks right through. Call me weird, but green and pink eggs are just not appetizing.

Of course Grammy found an article on decorating river rocks for Easter. She thoughtfully brought us a copy of the article and provided a bag of rocks for us to work with.

I hope the Easter Bunny has been working out. And that no one tries to break one of those open on my head.