Welcome to swine flu Quarantine - Day 4

After yesterday's alarming email, I decided it was time to buy some of this:

Which was the only brand left - there was NONE on the shelves, and this was a store 40 minutes away from our area, where schools are still open.

I really don't like anti-bacterial soap because it's basically a form of pesticide, which seems terrible to use on your skin. But I decided to cave in to a bit of hysteria.

Mireya and I braved the dangers of the grocery store to pick up this and a special cereal she likes that is her very favorite.

Then, after a late breakfast, it was off to the pool which has opened early in our neighborhood.

It was a quiet place.

Very quiet. But we made up for the lack of people with our own family volume machine. Dad.

Church is closed tomorrow.

The libraries have been closed.

Generally you see adults out, but in smaller numbers and practically no kids.

The other day I saw two tweenage girls shouting from their cars to each other, obviously given instructions to not leave the cars to visit.

We have another week to go of this strange time. The newspaper reports that things seem to be tapering off - but two students, one at a high school and one at an elementary school have been confirmed. Here's a little from the paper:

The number of possible Comal County swine flu cases seems to have leveled off before the weekend, with no new reports of the virus on Friday.

County health officials received confirmation of the first two local swine flu cases Thursday from the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and also sent another two highly probable samples to the CDC for swine-flu testing.

But after the number of possible cases has risen sharply to 107 local residents (YIKES) since Tuesday, Kari Hutchison, a spokeswoman for the county’s swine-flu response efforts, said that number had stayed the same on Friday. (Something tells me Kari is wearing a face mask this week)

She added that it would likely not change for the next two days, as the county waits to get its residents’ lab results back from the Region 8 office of the Texas Department of Health and Human Services in San Antonio.

We wonder if there will be school on the 11th. If there is, there will only be three weeks left of school. So far the district website is sticking to the 11th. We'll be checking the websites of the girls teachers for some "home" work to do. Home schooling at last!

My 94 year old grandmother who lives two blocks away was laughing about the whole thing when I came over for a visit. "No church tomorrow," I said. We usually go together.

"We all need masks," she said, with her hands over her face, her eyes sparkling with humor. "We're just staying here. And no one is sick!"