Welcome to swine flu Quarantine - Day 5

We stayed up way too late last night.

Well, some of us did.

I feel like we're in some weird summer preview - without the playdates.

We did some hiking (remember the doctor's note - out door spaces are probably ok), I worked with our horses (we got a new one and she needs plenty of work) and hit the pool.

Our neighbor who works at our local doc office was there, so I pumped her for info. She said they have 6 cases they are pretty sure are swine flu, but it takes 4 days to get results. It's a type A flu, so everyone who had a flu shot should be in decent shape (my grandma should be good). People are ending up in the hospital because it turns into viral pnuemonia, for which there is no cure.

You just have to survive.

She also said they expect it to get worse in the next two weeks, which makes it seem odd that kids would go back to school then. I'm not sure if I will want them to go back. Maybe we'll just homeschool it for the last 3 weeks.

But they can't stay in a box all month... They need their own kind, so to speak.

As our neighbor pointed out, there is no real quarantine. And, she said, it looks like if you are exposed to it, you are getting it.

Today the kids played with one child at the pool. Hopefully the chlorine did it's job and killed any lingering flu ness. It looked like this little girl (our neighbors daughter, so we figured she was safe) was having a birthday party. There were balloons at a nearby table and streamers, but no other kids were there. The family tried to make it festive. They were only slightly successful.

A forgotten casualty of H1N1 - the May birthday.

Here's some local news:

As a result, and to further discourage public gatherings, the city of New Braunfels closed Landa Park for what historians have said was the first time since the park was sold to the city in 1936.

Governor Rick Perry issued a statewide disaster declaration. (43 swiners in Texas, apparently)

But after the number of possible cases had risen in Comal County for three straight days, there was no jump in the number of cases on Friday. After filling up the emergency rooms all week, flu-related traffic began to slow at Christus Santa Rosa Hospital — New Braunfels.

On the bright side, I was inspired to clean up. Today we cleaned out the top shelf of a closet in the kids room and put away some Winter clothes. I need about two more weeks of this and I might make real progress around here! We might actually find order in our chaos.

Hmmm. Not sure I can handle that. The shock to my system would be too great.