Welcome to swine flu Quarantine - Day 8 DONE

Boy, was I glad to go into the office today. It's a lovely place where everyone gets their own lunch and no one EVER says they are bored.

Kids were home with Grammy, I have no idea what they did. And I'm perfectly fine with that.

School is on tomorrow and ironically my car has acted up so I'm going to have to STAY HOME.

God has a tremendous sense of humor. Over active, if you ask me.

So, it's back to our regular life. Here's crib notes from a week before this all started (I write for the local paper, and I eventually post things here - as well as items not appropriate for a family newspaper - like "dead mommies don't talk", for example).

The Princess and the Lexington

Before Swine Flu swept through the world with a squealing panic, Mireya and I went on a Daisy Scout trip to the USS Lexington. I was a bit concerned that, given the dearth of pink on board the ship, there would be little to hold her interest.

Still she was pumped about the trip and, like her cold, her excitement was infectious.

Not only would we be visiting this floating town, we'd spend the night! In bunks! We'd be woken up by Revelrie in the morning! We'd have grub in the mess hall!

We'd literally live aboard the "blue ghost!"

It took me a few hours into the drive to realize we'd be sleeping in bunk beds, be woken up by a bugle and eat in a mess hall.

Um, I won't even eat at a regular cafeteria (it's a long story).

As my dread descended like a blue ghost, Mireya seemed oblivious to the reality of the situation. There were no princesses on battle ships. Not to mention mommies of princesses.

And as we arrived, half of this remained true. Gone was my princess and in her place was an honest to goodness WWII sailor. She couldn't wait to get aboard, focused completely on following the rules of the ship, and was thrilled by her bunk.

But most surprising – she was completely taken by the anti-aircraft guns. We spent a good 20 minutes running to her station so she could shoot down enemy aircraft.

This is the same kid that will run screaming from a spider the size of an M&M. But give her a combat scenario and she is ALL OVER IT.

I was somewhat conflicted about this development. I have always been a great admirer of the men and women of the armed forces although my cafeteria aversion kept me from considering it as a career choice. But I have grown accustomed to being with my princess/fashion designer, resigned to a lifetime of having her adjust my wardrobe to live up to her sense of style.

Where was THAT kid?

We talked about the first woman pilot to land aboard an aircraft carrier having done it on the Lexington. We toured the sick bay and the chapel. We wandered around the bridge, she slept like a rock, and loved be woken up with "music."

I'm not sure if the Navy is ready for Mireya. But I know one thing. I sure hope she doesn't decide to take up the bugle.