Welcome to swine flu Quarantine - Day 7

The end has come. I just got this email:

Based on the latest guidance today from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Comal ISD has decided to reopen all schools and offices earlier than scheduled. Everything will reopen on Thursday, May 7th at the regular time.

That means all students and staff are expected to report to work and school on Thursday this week. If you are sick or become sick with the flu you must stay home for at least 7 days from the onset of the flu.

If you still want a packet of school work you still can pick one up from 10 am to 3 pm on Wednesday from Central Office, the Bulverde/Spring Branch Library, or the CRRC in Sattler. (yeah, right. we'll be right over - NOT)

We will see you in school on Thursday.

So that's it. Done. Finito. Now the big ol' javelina is just Piglet with the sniffles.

We are conflicted, of course, because we had our eye on next Monday as the end, and the kids feel positively ROBBED. I don't feel relieved, because basically this was the end of my shift and the start of Daddy's.

(Need I mention that it ALWAYS happens this way? Enough to make a woman paranoid...)

So, wrapping up our quarantine report...

My favorite quote of the day :

Me: "Okay, we can only stay at the pool for an hour, because I forgot the sun screen and Daddy will kill me. And how terrible would that be."

Mireya, after a beat: "Well, dead mommies don't talk..."

Hmmm. Too much cable?

Accomplishments today:
Today was swimming (the pool is always closed on Mondays), Grammy time, and phase two of closet cleaning (did you know you can fill a trash can with hangers?). Two phases remain with the closet, but we are down to the tool building layer of the dig.

Planning the return to civilization. Time for some serious laundry...