Thankful for the little things

The best thing about having kids is you find a whole different and bizarre number of things to be thankful for.

Clearly, like everyone, I’m profoundly thankful for friends and family and community. But there are all these little things that only kids bring to mind.

I'm thankful for my youngest daughter at last outgrowing tick tack toe, since it's been tough to feign enthusiasm for the game for a few years. We have moved on to hangman, which is much more fun now that she can spell. Previously in kindergarten it was tough to play hangman since letters were largely decorative and I was certainly “hung” many times by a random letter Y.

I'm thankful for the resale shop, without whom I'd be tempted to horde all my girls old holiday dresses. Instead I keep one or two (okay, three) for sentimental reasons, then pass on a dress fit for another princess.

I'm thankful for the resale shop because apparently I'm growing weeds here, both of whom outgrow clothes at a pace no reasonable budget can deal with.

I'm thankful for the high pitch squeals ringing out all over the house (inside voice? What inside voice?). Sometimes they hit notes that cause the dogs to howl. Sure these squeals would send many people diving under the table, but I love them because I recognize a good time when I hear it.

I'm thankful for the company of exhausted mom friends who I both marvel at and commiserate with. I never would have met them were it not for our children. Just when I think I can’t possibly get one more thing done, I’ll run into a mom who has figured out a short cut for me to try.

I'm thankful for sneakers that light up because they are way too fun to watch as my daughter runs down the hall, literally aglow.

I'm thankful for a car full of carolers because it's wonderful to sing with your daughters even if you really don't want to sing the twelve days of Christmas AGAIN.

I’m thankful for pepperoni and goldfish, a Prosapio snack staple which I don’t eat, but my daughters would wither away if I didn’t keep them in reach.

And most surprisingly, I’m thankful for the collapse at the end of the day where I realize that life is ridiculously full, and that tomorrow I’ll have energy for more.

Happy holidays to you and yours!