Mighty Heart the night before

It's raining, that long draping curtain of rain that lays over the sky in a billowing arc, the horizon disappearing in the folds of gray.

Seems like perfect weather for this night, seems each time we've had a big medical procedure it's rained. I appreciate the emotional symmetry of rain, it allows me to sink into thought. A wide blue sky would seem like a contradiction, or worse, maybe like what was happening here was being ignored.

Silly to see the world this way. And yet the rain falls, the clouds bow their heads and reminds me we are all in this together.

Our bags are packed, we're ready to go, as the song goes. Sierra is in good spirits, Adam and I are weary, Mireya is excited with all the company.

I'm just tired. I'm looking forward to a nice long sleep. On Friday.

I'll be updating here. Thanks for thinking of us.