Welcome to swine flu Quarantine - Day 6

Okay, it's official.

We're getting bored. (We are taking pictures of tired dogs, for gods sake)

The pool is closed today, I had to work from home, kids were happy doing a few worksheets - that's how desperate they got. Math was fun. For 15 minutes.

The first case of swine flu was confirmed in Austin today. So now that the piggy is out of the bottle (how do they get them in there?)... well, I just don't get what we're supposed to do. Can something like this be contained?

Apparently not.

Any who, we went and worked with our new horse for a while, Sierra worked with her puppy, Mireya hung out at Grammy's.

It's getting rough out here, people. But at the same time I'm not too crazy about the idea of the kids going back to school. I'm not sure that keeping them out is good for my sanity, but they aren't going to catch this thing here, that's for sure.

Okay, we might kill each other by Thursday, but no one will develop a fever.

Sigh. Maybe I just need some sleep. Dyno has the right idea...

I wrote my column on all of this, which I'll post tomorrow along with the update. . .