Update on Sierra or how vertigo is driving me crazy

The date for Sierra's test has come and gone, thanks to her extreme attack of vertigo. In case I haven't mentioned it to you (I've lost track of who I sent a note out too), she had an extreme attack of vertigo, to the point that she couldn't walk. At. All.

We tried numerous treatments, but nothing worked. Finally they put her on steroids and it was mostly gone in three days, but now it seems to be coming back a little bit. Vertigo is notoriously hard to get rid of, sometimes taking just a week or two, but sometimes attacks linger for months.

The doctor wants to do an MRI. I want to try some alternatives first. She's already had a CT scan which exposed her to the equivalent radiation of 50 x-rays. Sue me if I want to try alternatives.

I spoke to someone who talked about the US medical emphasis on expensive diagnostics that preceed general treatments, even relatively low risk treatments. It's interesting and not something I put much stock in before this experience. But now I wonder about the logic. When symptoms say you have a cold, they don't scan your bone marrow for luekemia. The fact that steroids worked indicates inflamation is a factor. Anti-inflammatories should help then.

Anyway, with all that I cancelled the test. We agreed that we couldn't handle that stress. She was walking the Friday before and we just wanted to be normal after two weeks of having our daughter basically an invalid.

Now they want to do the test in January, but I'm going to request we push it to February. Remember, they won't be able to do anything about this until the Summer anyway. What is the point of rushing?

I am calling tomorrow. We'll see what they say.

Thanks to everyone who has kept us in your prayers. Sierra is walking and somewhat normal (she is 13, afterall, one must be realistic). I'm hoping we can get through this relatively intact.

My very best to you and yours...